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Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

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Latest Episdoes:

Episode 96

Jeffrey Munroe

Exploring the Works of Frederick Buechner

Jeffrey Munroe joins me to talk about the works of Frederick Buechner and how his writing impacts the writer, preacher, and Christian.
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Episode 95

Philip Yancey

A Life of Writing, Questioning, and Faith

Philip Yancey describes himself as a "pilgrim in the pew." He joins me to talk about his profound writing career and how he approaches his work.
00:00 49:36
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The Essential Masculine Virtue

Finding The Strength Between Aggression and Disengagement

Previous Post in This Series: The Two Ditches of Toxic Masculinity: Noah and The True Complexity of What is Wrong With Men The Bible warns of man’s tendency to over-identify with his impulses of aggression and passivity, a topic I’ve explored at length in a previous article. But the Bible is also careful not to...

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Christ Was Born Into A World Divided

Politics, Power, and the Nativity

This articles was taken from my Christmas Eve message to Bent Oak Church: December 24, 2019. My kids have a little wooden nativity set that each year we assemble beneath our Christmas tree. This time of year, you see them everywhere—plastic ones illuminated in front yards, wooden ones set up in front of McDonald’s, some...

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The Two Ditches of Toxic Masculinity

Noah and The True Complexity of What is Wrong With Men

Previous Post in This Series: A Good (Definition of) Man Is Hard to Find: How We Define Manhood and Masculinity I’m aware; toxic masculinity is a phrase of extreme controversy. Wrapped up in the phrase are hotly debated ideologies, fueled by very different perspectives on what a man is and should be. At the center...

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Podcast Host:

Chase Replogle

My name is Chase Replogle. I’m a pastor at Bent Oak Church, a freelance web designer, and a writer. This podcast is my journey to better understand the unique vocation of pastor and writer. It’s an attempt to “practice in public” what I’m learning about the process. I’ll do my best to be honest about the challenges and struggles of writing and hopefully, we can both learn along the way.

— Chase

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