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at the calling and craft of writing

Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing.

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Latest Episdoes:

Episode 36

Heath Adamson

Writing with David and the Psalms

Heath Adamson is the author of the recently released, Grace in the Valley: Awakening to God's Presence When He Feels Far Away. The book offers a personal and contemplative look at Psalm 23.
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Episode 35

George P. Wood

You Aren't Taking Your Reading Seriously Enough

George Paul Wood is the executive editor of Assemblies of God Publications and a top 500 reviewer on Amazon. He joins me to talk about the responsibility of reading.
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Operation Finale: A Gripping Depiction of Mundane Evil

The Image of Adolph Eichmann

A few weeks ago, I saw the movie, Operation Finale. It tells the story of a secret Israeli operation to infiltrate Argentina and capture Adolf Eichmann, a former Nazi SS officer, credited for his influential role in planning and directing the Final Solution, the German execution of more than six million Jews. After the war,...

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4 questions I wish I could ask Jordan Peterson about faith and Christianity

Plus, 18 relevant articles and videos

Central to the plot of Ayn Rand’s classic 1957 novel, Atlas Shrugged, is the repeatedly posed question, “Who is John Galt?” The novel is about an increasingly tyrannical government undermined by a mysterious individual who workes to sabotage the bureaucracy by helping entrepreneurs and business owners vanish from the workforce; Galt covertly subverts the system...

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Eugene Peterson at The Writer’s Symposium

The ordination of writers

It’s hard to overestimate the impact Eugene Peterson has had on me as a pastor and as a writer. This video is a conversation with Peterson and Dean Nelson at the Point Loma Nazarene University’s Writer’s Symposium by the Sea in 2007. More than writing, Peterson offers deep wisdom into the lifestyle of the pastor...

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Podcast Host:

Chase Replogle

My name is Chase Replogle. I’m a pastor at Bent Oak Church, a freelance web designer, and a writer. This podcast is my journey to better understand the unique vocation of pastor and writer. It’s an attempt to “practice in public” what I’m learning about the process. I’ll do my best to be honest about the challenges and struggles of writing and hopefully, we can both learn along the way.

— Chase

Current Project:

Discontent: How Your Heart's Desires Betray You

I’ve been told my entire life that who I am lies deep within the desires of my heart—I need only the courage to pursue my dreams. But it’s a trap.

Discontent: How Your Heart’s Desires Betray You offers the story of Samson—a Biblical anti-hero, driven by his own passionate desires and restless need for adventure—as a companion to discovering that who you are can’t be achieved but must be received by faith. In the end, Samson’s greatest failure wasn’t offering his secret to a treacherous woman, but a lack of discernment for seeing who God was leading him to become.

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