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Chase Replogle

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The Writing Life of Craig Keener

From research to writing to editing

I’ve recently been working through Craig Keener’s 4-part commentary on the Book of Acts. I’ll be preaching through the Book of Acts this summer and fall. Keener’s book is remarkable and massive. I once heard a scholar suggest that it will be the most important work on Acts for at least the next 100 years....

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This Rock On My Desk: Nineveh and Tarshish

The choice we must keep making.

There is a round rock that sits on my desk between my screen and the keyboard. Honestly, it’s a little strange because it could easily be mistaken for a small potato. But it’s a rock. A good friend brought it back from a service trip to Iraq. He was part of a team taking food...

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Frederick Buechner on Writing, Church, And Finding Your Voice

Why finding your voice matters as much in the pulpit as on the page

Below is a 4-part video series of Walter Brueggemann interviewing author and ordained minister, Frederick Buechner. The interview covers a wide range of topics from Buechner’s seminary experience to the importance of the pastor’s voice. “With a religious book it is less what we see in it than what we see through it that matters.” — Frederick...

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Thoughts On Being A Bi-Vocational Pastor

How I’ve come to love being a working pastor.

This summer will be our fifth anniversary of planting Bent Oak Church. For the entire five years, I have been a bi-vocational pastor. It might be more accurate to say, for most of it, I’ve been a volunteer. A year ago the church began to pay me for one day a week. Of course, Sundays...

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