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Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

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Episode 15

Drew Dyck

An Editor's Advice for New Authors

Drew Dyck is an acquisitions editor for Moody Publishers, a senior editor for Christianity Today Pastors, and the author of Generation Ex-Christian and Yawning at Tigers. He joins me to talk writing and publishing.
00:00 40:25

Episode 14

Chase Replogle

Why Poor Writing Comes So Naturally

Writing is hard. But it's hard for more reasons than the grammar and vocabulary. Revising requires a certain amount of self-awareness and great writers learn to keep themselves off the page.
00:00 18:19

Episode 13

Doug Newton

Tackling A Three Book Series

Doug Newton spent 40 years as a pastor and ministry leader. He knew writing was a part of his call and this year published a three-part book series entitled Fresh Eyes. We discuss his process and organizational techniques.
00:00 50:07

Episode 12

Mike Loomis

Your Personal Brand Is Your Calling

Mike Loomis is the author of Your Brand is Calling: Build a Personal Brand to Reflect and Connect. He is a strategic partner to bestselling authors, non-profits, and publishers, helping them develop compelling and authentic brands.
00:00 29:37

Episode 11

Rachelle Gardner

On The Publishing Process

Rachelle Gardner joins me to discuss the traditional publishing process. From finding an agent to the proposal process, Rachelle walks us through the process and landscape of the Christian publishing industry.
00:00 38:51

Episode 10

Alan Baker

Books, Books, Books: What We're Reading

Pastor, author, and coach, Alan Baker joins me to discuss books. From pastoral resources to reading for the spiritual life, your Amazon wish-list is about to get a lot longer.
00:00 57:28

Episode 09

Chase Replogle

Lessons Learned So Far

I'll be answering the questions as Thien Doan, host of The Prolific Christian Writer podcast, talks with me about lessons learned and my latest project, Discontented: How Your Heart's Desires Betray You.
00:00 48:47

Episode 08

Mary DeMuth

Finding Your Writing Voice

Mary DeMuth is one of the best known Christian writers, having written over 30 books and mentoring hundreds of writers through her site, Book Launch Mentor. Our discussion moves from learning to trust your voice to surrounding yourself with good advice.
00:00 36:10

Episode 07

Chase Replogle

Burn the Book: Obsessed with Getting Published

Getting published can become an obsession. There is so much to learn, so much to do, so much advice to take. In this episode, I share how I have struggled and come to terms with my own obsession with getting published.

Episode 06

Dick Foth

Why Writers and Pastors Need Good Friends

Dick has been a missionary, a pastor, a college president, a coach, and a writer, but one theme permeates his entire life—friendship. Dick lives it and teaches it. We were created for relationships. We lead by it, write by it and live by it.
00:00 55:33

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