Conversations on Writing, Reading, & the Christian Life

Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

"Alexa, play the Pastor Writer Podcast."

Episode 211

Randall Wallace

Film, Faith, and the Braveheart Life

Randall Wallace, joins me to talk about the craft of screenwriting and how his faith impacts the stories he tells.
00:00 55:39

Episode 210

Harold Senkbeil

Textualizing People into the Story of Scripture

Harold Senkbeil joins me to talk about the new audiobook release of The Care of Souls and other current projects.
00:00 39:21

Episode 209

Alex McFarland

How Apologetics is Changing

Alex McFarland joins me to talk about his work in apologetics and how the questions people ask are changing.
00:00 55:50

Episode 208

Chase Replogle

A New Podcast for Kids and parents

I've got some exciting personal news for you. My family is working together on a new podcast for kids and parents. We want to tell you more about it.
00:00 34:04

Episode 207

Douglas McKelvey

Every Moment Holy Liturgies

Douglas McKelvey joins me to talk about the Every Moment Holy Series and the place for everyday liturgies.
00:00 1:05:37

Episode 206

Tommy Brown

The Temptations of Christ

Tommy Brown joins me to talk about his new book on the temptations of Christ and the questions of life.
00:00 46:04

Episode 205

Austin Carty

Your Permission to Read More

Pastor and writer, Austin Carty joins me to discuss reading and his book, The Pastor's Bookshelf.

Episode 204

Andrew Root

When Church Stops Working

Andrew Root joins me to talk about his new book, When Church Stops Working, and how the church can respond to our secular age.
00:00 47:51

Episode 203

John Dyer

People of the Screen

John Dyer joins me to discuss how technology and screens are impacting the way we read and interact with scripture.
00:00 45:52

Episode 202

Chase Replogle

Why I'm More Optimistic About Men

I give a one year update on The 5 Masculine Instincts and the new print study guide.
00:00 9:54

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