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Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

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Episode 188

Chris Nye

Ideology and The Captive Mind

Chris Nye joins me to talk about his new book on ideology and the dangers of the captive mind.
00:00 48:33

Episode 187

Jonathan Dodson

The Unwavering Pastor

Pastor and writer Jonathan Dodson explores how the last few years have impacted pastors and how we can strengthen ourselves for the future.
00:00 46:56

Episode 186

Scott Sauls

Life is Prologue & The Making of Better People

Scott Sauls joins me to talk about his new book on Regret, Hurt, and Fear and why life is all prologue.
00:00 41:22

Episode 185

Trevin Wax

The Significance of the Psalms in 30 Days

Trevin Wax joins me to talk about his new reading plan through the Psalms and his upcoming book, The Thrill of Orthodoxy.
00:00 42:02

Episode 184

Chase Replogle

The Responsibility of Fatherhood

This special Father's Day episode takes a closer look at the responsibility of fatherhood and why responsibility begins with showing up.
00:00 15:54

Episode 183

Jessica Hooten Wilson

Literature and the Scandal of Holiness

Jessica Hooten Wilson joins me to talk about the place of literature in the life of a believer and how good books are a scandal of holiness.
00:00 42:08

Episode 182

Jay Kim

Analog Christians and Life in the Digital Age

Jay Kim joins me to talk about his new book, Analog Christian, and why the Fruit of the Spirit are critical to life in the Digital Age.
00:00 49:43

Episode 181

Daniel Grothe

The Power of Place

Daniel Grothe joins me to talk about his book The Power of Place, and why vows of stability still matter today.
00:00 43:16

Episode 180

Andrew Klavan

Beauty, Truth, and Reading the Gospels

I'm joined by Andrew Klavan to talk about his new book and how the English poets led him to a deeper reading of the Gospels and Christ.
00:00 44:54

Episode 179

Chris Martin

Social Media Platforms Are Not Neutral

Chris Martin joins me to talk about his new book, Terms of Service, and why Christians should be clear-eyed about the social internet.
00:00 60:00

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