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Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

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Episode 168

Chase Replogle

Men, Meat, and the Masculine Malaise

We kick off a new series of conversations on The 5 Masculine Instincts.
00:00 22:13

Episode 167

Chase Replogle

The 5 Masculine Instincts is available for Per-Order

It's been six years of work, but The 5 Masculine Instincts is finally available for pre-order and set to release March 1, 2022.
00:00 14:02

Episode 166

Chase Replogle

My Top 10 Books of 2021

It's my tradition to end the year with a list of the books that influenced my thinking most in the previous year. Here's my top 10 books of 2021.
00:00 22:56

Episode 165

Preston Ulmer

Good-Faith Conversations with Those Who Doubt

Preston Ulmer joins me to talk about his new book, The Doubter's Club. We explore how to have good-faith conversations with those who disagree.
00:00 39:39

Episode 164

Tom Nelson

A Better Pastoral Paradigm

Tom Nelson joined me to talk about his new book, The Flourishing Pastor, and why we need a better paradigm for the pastoral work.
00:00 41:02

Episode 163

Lee Strobel

Journalism, Faith, and The Case for Heaven

Lee Stroble is an award-winning journalist who has used his craft to investigate questions of faith. He joins me to talk about his new book, The Case for Heaven.
00:00 42:45

Episode 162

Eric Metaxas

Is Atheism Dead?

I'm joined by Eric Metaxas to talk about his new book, Is Atheism Dead? We discuss writing, scientific breakthroughs, archeology, and why the evidence of God's existence is becoming undeniable.
00:00 44:43

Episode 161

Gary Schnittjer

The Old Testament's Use of the Old Testament

Dr. Gary Schnittjer joins me to talk about his new reference work, The Old Testament Use of Old Testament.
00:00 42:23

Episode 160

Todd Miles

Christians, Cannabis, and Thinking About Drugs

Todd Miles joins me to discuss the rise of Cannabis and how Christians should navigate the legalization of drugs.
00:00 37:25

Episode 159

Ray Ortlund

The Death of Porn and Men of Integrity

Ray Ortlund joins me to talk about his new book and his call for a generation of men to embrace integrity and finally defeat porn.
00:00 44:59

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