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Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

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Episode 159

Ray Ortlund

The Death of Porn and Men of Integrity

Ray Ortlund joins me to talk about his new book and his call for a generation of men to embrace integrity and finally defeat porn.
00:00 44:59

Episode 158

Alan Bandy

Writing An Illustrated Guide to the Apostle Paul

Alan Bandy joins me to discuss the various images of Paul and how he approached his illustrated guide to the great man.
00:00 45:02

Episode 157

Kevin Weaver

Afghanistan and the Challenges Our Warriors Face

I'm joined in a special conversation with Kevin Weaver, President of The Warrior's Journey, to talk about the current challenges our vets face.
00:00 43:25

Episode 156

Joel Kilpatrick

Ghostwriting, Humor, and Faithfulness in Writing

Joel Kilpatrick joins me to talk about his long writing career in journalism, humor, and ghost writing.
00:00 57:01

Episode 155

Jon Tyson

The Intentional Father & Questions of Masculinity

Jon Tyson explores the unique challenges of raising sons and being fathers, calling men and the church to a new form of intentionality.
00:00 45:52

Episode 154

Robert Wolgemuth

Writing for Men and Running the Final Lap of Life

Robert Wolgemuth joined me to talk about writing for men and how men can live well in the final phases of life.
00:00 45:30

Episode 153

Brad Lomenick

Catalyst, Leadership, & Why the Future is Curation

Brad Lomenick joins me to talk about his work with leaders, the early days of Catalyst and why the work of curation is becoming so important for creators.
00:00 54:29

Episode 152

Jared C Wilson

What A Novel Can Do That Non-Fiction Can't

I'm joined by Jared C Wilson to talk about his work as a novelist and what novels can accomplish that non-fiction can't.
00:00 54:12

Episode 151

Matt Morton

Discerning when to Persevere and When to Pivot

It's not just writing, life can take unexpected turns. Things don't' go as planned. Matt Morton joins me to talk about the decision to persevere or pivot.
00:00 49:46

Episode 150

Paul Batura

Writing, Adopting, and Focus on the Family

Paul Batura has written across a wide range of media and as the VP of communications for Focus on the Family, he's seen a lot of writing from others. He joins me to offer some writing advice and talk about his passion for adoption.
00:00 36:08

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