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Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

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Episode 112

Chase Replogle

I've Waited Four Years for This Episode

I've got some big news. This past week, I officially signed a publishing contract with Zondervan. It's taken four years and a lot of unexpected turns. But there have been some important lessons I've learned along the way.
00:00 19:06

Episode 111

Abdu Murray

Ravi Zacharias and Seeing Jesus from the East

I'm joined by Abdu Murray to talk about the legacy of Ravi Zacharias and about a recently released book he coauthored with Ravi titled Seeing Jesus from the East: A Fresh Look at History's Most influential Figure.
00:00 51:44

Episode 110

Alex & Angie Bryant

Let's Start Again: A Conversation on Race

I'm joined by Alex and Angie Bryant to discuss their recently released book entitled "Let's Start Again: A Biracial Couple's View on Race, Racial Ignorance, And Racial Insensitivity."
00:00 45:31

Episode 109

Jonathan Dodson

Overcoming Moral Chaos with the Beatitudes

Jonathan Dodson joins me to talk about the meaning of crisis and how the beatitudes are a tool for overcoming moral chaos.
00:00 53:39

Episode 108

Chuck DeGroat

When Narcissism Comes to Church

Chuck DeGroat joins me to talk about his new book on narcissism and the church. We discuss what narcissism is and how it infects more people and organizations than you might have realized
00:00 42:39

Episode 107

Ron Dart

A Christian Perspective on Jordan Peterson

Ron Dart joins me to talk about Jordan Peterson and the newly released Myth and Meaning in Jordan Peterson: A Christian Perspective.
00:00 60:37

Episode 106

Phil Collins

Prompts for Engaging Scripture & The Abide Bible

Dr. Phil Collins joins me to talk about his work in scriptural engagement and the recently released Abide Bible.
00:00 42:42

Episode 105

Jeff Munroe

Why Poetry Matters and Deserves Another Chance

You may not consider yourself the poetry type, but Jeff Munroe joins me to talk about why poetry matters more than you think.
00:00 1:04:49

Episode 104

Mason King

Christian Education and The Village Church

Mason King joins me to talk about the state of Christian Education and how The Villiage Church inspires all believers to keep learning.
00:00 49:12

Episode 103

Jay Kim

Rethinking Relevance & The Church Together

I released this conversation early because I found so much of it helpful to our current situations. Jay Kim joins me to talk about his new book, Analog Church. It's an important one.
00:00 54:26

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