Conversations on Writing, Reading, & the Christian Life

Host: Chase Replogle

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Join me as I interview pastors, authors, and writing experts in my journey to better understand the calling and the craft of writing, reading, and living the Christian life.

"Alexa, play the Pastor Writer Podcast."

Episode 153

Brad Lomenick

Catalyst, Leadership, & Why the Future is Curation

Brad Lomenick joins me to talk about his work with leaders, the early days of Catalyst and why the work of curation is becoming so important for creators.
00:00 54:29

Episode 152

Jared C Wilson

What A Novel Can Do That Non-Fiction Can't

I'm joined by Jared C Wilson to talk about his work as a novelist and what novels can accomplish that non-fiction can't.
00:00 54:12

Episode 151

Matt Morton

Discerning when to Persevere and When to Pivot

It's not just writing, life can take unexpected turns. Things don't' go as planned. Matt Morton joins me to talk about the decision to persevere or pivot.
00:00 49:46

Episode 150

Paul Batura

Writing, Adopting, and Focus on the Family

Paul Batura has written across a wide range of media and as the VP of communications for Focus on the Family, he's seen a lot of writing from others. He joins me to offer some writing advice and talk about his passion for adoption.
00:00 36:08

Episode 149

Tom Dean

The Writer and Marketer

I'm joined by marketing and publishing expert Tom Dean. We talk marketing, platform, and does a good book even matter anymore.
00:00 49:36

Episode 148

Chase Replogle

Bread and Games

I've got another monologue episode for you. Let's talk about the long-term spiritual risks we face from the pandemic.
00:00 17:35

Episode 147

Kurt Willems

Podcasting, Writing, and Pastoral Side Projects

Kurt Willems joins me to talk about the place of side projects in pastoral ministry.
00:00 52:17

Episode 146

Cory Verner

The Rise of Audio Books

I'm joined by Cory Verner to talk about the rise of audiobooks and his work in the industry.
00:00 48:39

Episode 145

HB Charles

Preaching and Writing

I'm joined by Dr. HB Charles to talk about his book on preaching and how preaching impacts writing.
00:00 46:31

Episode 144

Winn Collier

Writing the Biography of Eugene Peterson

I'm joined by Win Collier to discuss his four-year project of writing the authorized biography of Eugene Peterson.
00:00 48:07

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